If you have been searching for a fishing rod that will give you peace of mind, there’s a great product best for your needs and that is Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod.


SOUGAYILANG SPINNING TELESCOPIC FISHING RODSougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod completely collapse for easy storage and travel. It features a CNC machined aluminum reel seat components and 3-point welded stainless steel that guides with ceramic inserts for a complete corrosion resistance. Its e-glass construction may dead lift up to ten pounds.

It is for freshwater or saltwater fishing will cover a lot of specis and look good with Sougayilang fishing reels. It is also perfect for campers and backpackers.

The sensitivity and return of Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod were good when compared to other fishing rods available in the market. Its handle is ergonomic and ceramic guide rings were slick without perceptible resistance.

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod has numerous useful, handy, good, and unique features. Every feature is efficient, unique, and perfect. This helps many users a lot when fishing. It also makes their fishing experience more seamless, delightful, and enjoyable than before.

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod creates nice balanced grip and has good elasticity that definitely helps you to catch any fish size much easily. Being a novice to fishing, you won’t experience any hard time without any glitch and enjoy this rod to its fullest. The product was also built of quality carbon fiber that ensures topnotch durability.

This fishing rod looks rich, premium, and classy. The rod’s attached reel is crafted with an aluminum material that’s corrosion resistant and weatherproof. The product is also handy and portable. You can carry it anywhere during vacations and trips. The compact and handy product gets fit to your backpack and it’s extremely comfortable and easy to use.

Many users are content and highly satisfied with this fishing rod. Its smooth performance and quality features are what made this one of a kind. If you are looking for a long lasting fishing rod, Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod is also a great choice. It will help you to continue your fishing journey, regardless of the geographic location you target.


• This fishing rod is made of durable aluminum and carbon fiber.
• It is medium light power and may be used in saltwater and freshwater.
• The rod is built using quality materials.
• Beautifully designed, this rod is also sturdy and comes with a silicone guard, which covers the distal guide rings and tip as a protection during travel.
• It is portable as it includes a carrying nylon bag.


• As of now, it doesn’t have a major issue. Yet, its price is often overlooked, but this is still worth it.

Everything to know about the Bitcoin

If you have ever come to know about the terms Bitcoins, Ethereum, litecoin, Credits etc, you have had an encounter with the CryptoCurrencies. These are the digital form of money used by quite a lot of people around the world. These Currencies are the virtual form of money and far above the influence of any kind of governmental organization. Some countries have legalized the use of these currencies in their economy whereas others still consider it threat to theirs. These are very easy to use and come in quite a lot of options for you to choose from. You can even design your own CryptoCurrency with a few efforts and follow some simple steps. The process of using it is entirely safe and both the parties are kept anonymous in some of the transactions if desired. Also, you can add up to the fact that all the transactions made in any part of the world with it can be easily traced by you with the help of the Bitcoin Software. Also, the usage of the Cryptocurrencies has a lot fewer transaction fees involved than the other form of transactions including the banks and the wire transaction. The process is very simple and easy to use with a quick access, whereas the terminologies can be somewhat complicated.

The drawbacks of the CryptoCurrency

Some of the things help back the use of Cryptocurrencies including the recently reported frauds and online hacking thefts. In some of the cases, the stolen amount exceeds up to one million American dollars. Also, you need to have a proper backup of the currency in case the system crashes or else you will end up losing all your money. The restricted use of the Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies also make it easy to use by all the people around the world. As the software id not completely hack free and can land up you being the next target. The terminologies and detailed technicalities are sometimes complicated and a bit tricky to understand along with getting the knowledge about a particular type of CryptoCurrency.

The major benefits of the Cryptocurrency

The major benefits we get while using the CryptoCurrencies are all listed down below for you to have a detailed and better idea about this virtual money.

  1. The process is very fast and easy to do and bypass all the excessive complications and formalities.
  2. The transaction fees offered are very low compared to the forms of online or other transactions.
  3. You can use it for the modes of transaction where you do not need any kind of government influence.
  4. It helps you in some cases to keep the identity of the transaction parties to be completely anonymous.
  5. Being the virtual form of money transfer the bitcoin has ended up decentralizing the whole network.
  6. It is universally recognized and accepted as a transaction form for us to globally use it.
  7. Also, it eliminates the need for any kind of mediator.

Generating iPS and out of Oct4? Worry not. Nr5a2 comes to the rescue!

The reprogramming field seems to be moving oh-so-fast.  First authorJian-Chien Dominic Heng (Genome Institute of Singapore) and colleagues in Singapore and Boston have discovered that a nuclear receptor known as Nr5a2 or Lrh-1 can replace Oct4, a critical transcription factor thought to be needed for generating induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.  This discovery adds another question to the current putative models to what molecular mechanisms are involved when a somatic cell is reprogrammed the the pluripotent state. It’s possible that Nr5a2, which has a multitude of biological functions,  has similar functions or binding sites as Oct4.  It’s also possible that Nr5a2 a direct target of Oct4 and has always been a critical factor in the reprogramming program. Nr5a2, who are you?

Here’s the abstract:

Somatic cells can be reprogrammed to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) with the introduction of Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc. Among these four factors, Oct4 is critical in inducing pluripotency because no transcription factor can substitute for Oct4, whereas Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc can be replaced by other factors. Here we show that the orphan nuclear receptor Nr5a2 (also known as Lrh-1) can replace Oct4 in the derivation of iPSCs from mouse somatic cells, and it can also enhance reprogramming efficiency. Sumoylation mutants of Nr5a2 with enhanced transcriptional activity can further increase reprogramming efficiency. Genome-wide location analysis reveals that Nr5a2 shares many common gene targets with Sox2 and Klf4, which suggests that the transcription factor trio works in concert to mediate reprogramming. We also show that Nr5a2 works in part through activating Nanog. Together, we show that unrelated transcription factors can replace Oct4 and uncovers an exogenous Oct4-free reprogramming code.

Have access to Cell Stem Cell? Get the paper here.